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Fiddle Loops: Rhythms, Pads & Lines
Volume 1. Available in: Acidized WAV, Apple Loops AIF, Rex2

588 Loops | 7 keys | 3 Tempos

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Fiddle Loops: Audio Samples Overview



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Modern Fiddle Loops • The Sound of Today’s Music. All live, with real human feel. No quantizing or other tricks. We maintain the live player’s expression, nuances and feel. Enhance the production value of your songs or musical tracks fast. 100% Royalty-free. brings you Fiddle Loops created by Professional Songwriters, Producers and Studio Musicians. Our musicians have played for top music stars and now they’re playing on your tracks!

Our Fiddle Loops are designed from the start to be songwriter and song producer friendly. We’ve given a lot of thought to making sure we have all the song sections a songwriter or producer needs. We add what the other loop makers usually don’t consider, like breakdowns and turnarounds for example, and alternate verse feels

Our Fiddle Loops are made to be versatile for use in your songs and track building. Bringing top studio musician performance into your songs and tracks at a fraction of the cost of hiring a live player – that’s our goal!




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